Client Success Stories

“I started Sara’s program hoping to find clarity in the direction of my career and left with so much more. Sara is honest, passionate, and supportive which has helped me discover the joy and mindfulness that was missing in my life.”

~Ami Becvar


“One of the best investments I have made was to invest in myself. It seems that so often we hear BUSY and EXHAUSTED when we ask how other’s are doing. We live in a society where it seems those words are celebrated but deep down, it is slowly killing all of us. Learning how to focus on myself, how to have some “me time” without distracting from my family and children was life changing for me. Sara encourages us to slow down and how to sincerely enjoy every little moment. She taught me that it doesn’t take days or weeks to re-focus on refreshing my soul, it takes moments from each day.

As a busy mom with two young children – I want to give them my energy. I want to have energy left at the end of the day to focus on my husband. I now feel as though I can do all of this with joy because I have filled my cup and now I have more to give.

I will absolutely be back again and again in order to remind myself that I am just as important and if I am not taken care of, my family does not get the best of me.

Thank you, Sara, for helping me re-focus on what is truly important.”

~Shaama Chahoud

“Therapeutic, intellectual, meditative and with a touch of yoga philosophy, Sara’s program is one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had. It’s a gentle journey inward towards self discovery. The greatest benefit I have incurred was learning more about myself: who I am, what my purpose is, and how I can serve.

My favorite portions of each session are the mediation parts. Sara’ voice is soothing, meditative, confident, and inspiring. This was my first experience with meditation and I’m excited to continue this practice.

I leave each session with greater awareness, a general sense of calm, inspired, accomplished for doing something for myself, and relaxed in sweet happiness.

Thank you for the reflection inward and opening my eyes.”

~Michelle Stephens

“I loved the program!! THANK YOU FOR THE OFFERING.

In yoga (and life) I tend to “fall off track” so to speak, and your program helped bring forward for me what was important. The homework was crucial for me.

I liked the time commitment and usually could get to it (barring mandatory meetings), so I like that the schedule was built in and could be planned for.

You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to know you. Thank you again for this amazing offering, and the ability to keep focusing on what is important.”

~Lynette Cahill

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