Real Women Real Strength

Inspiring women are all around me. They’re on my Facebook and LinkedIn news feed, attending my sons’ birthday parties, and speaking at my conferences. They’re creating organizations to better the communities of our world, starting their own businesses, driving companies to record-breaking profitability, supporting spouses with cancer, raising their children with love and presence, overcoming addiction and fear, and handling all the other things that life throws at us with grace.

Their stories need to be told.

In the silent early hours of the morning while nursing my one-month old son and wondering how I was going to survive this motherhood/career-woman life, I began to envision Real Women Real Strength (click here to read more about how it came to be). The truth is, we women are strong. But with the demands of a full life and a long history of patriarchy in our culture, women can get beat down or have to work twice as hard for what we want. Here I offer a breath of fresh air: Stories of women who are living in joy, and insight into how we can also have this joy. These profiles will discuss how bold women are overcoming the challenges of life, prioritizing their time to focus on what matters, and the simple tips and tricks that help them thrive.

To read the Real Women Real Strength profiles, click here or on the Profiles tab nestled under Real Women above.

***MORE PROFILES COMING SOON! I’ve only just published the first few!***

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If you’d like to share your story or know someone who I should profile, let me know!

Strong women create strong families, businesses, and communities, that then create a better world. Let’s own our strength and spread joy across the planet.


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