Spread The Love – LIVE!

When I was in high school my dear friend Kelly called me “Dr. Love.” We’d drive around the gravel back roads of farm country Minnesota every Sunday afternoon and talk about life, but mostly, love. I’d share my thoughts on her relationships (which I think is hilarious now since I was almost exclusively single most of my high school years). But she appreciated it, and we had fun and our friendship grew close that way.

This February Dr. Love will be making a reappearance – ha ha! But please don’t call me that! It’s a joke!

I am going to come forward not as Dr. Love but as myself, Sara Mueller, Well-Being & Life Balance Coach, to Spread The Love – Live!

For the first two weeks of February, to get you primed and pumped up for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live in Joy Discovered’s Private Group called Working Moms Creating Balance & Joy every day at 12noon Eastern Time. Have a listen while munching your lunch if you’re on the East Coast, or pop in for a quick coffee break if you’re Central or West.

Each Live will be about 5 minutes long, and I’ll end them with a Spread The Love Challenge for you!

Every day I’ll focus on a different way to Spread The Love, from family, to career, to your lovely littles (even if they aren’t so little any more), to YOU, and more!

Stay tuned for more info! But mark a quick break for yourself at 12noon Eastern Time each day Feb 1 – Feb. 14.

And request to join our group now so you can take part!

Love ya!


P.S. Even if you aren’t a “working mom” but enjoy Joy Discovered’s conversations around living a full life that you love, please do join our group and get in on Spread The Love – LIVE!

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